Excursion description

Complete tour to the Northwest of the Atacama salt flat, which includes a visit to the Tatio geysers, a bath in its hot springs, and then continue to the wonderful and ancient villages settled in Alto Loa, to finish in the Inka Coya lagoon and the village of Chiu-Chiu.

An unmissable trip through the Northwest sector of the Salar de Atacama, known as Alto Loa, thanks to which it is not only possible to discover the Tatio geysers and bathe in its hot springs, but also to visit different Vegas and ancestral villages suspended in time, whose traces vivid in ancient petroglyphs and formidable pukarás are observed, peoples who could observe from the distance the then vertiginous and not very honest interculturation typical of the Spanish colonization, as well as the consequent political, economic and social organization of which the peoples of the basin of the Atacama salt flat was protagonists. This is how this tour allows you to feel the amazement of the beauty and complex simplicity of Vegas like that of Jauna, but also of the Caspana and Ayquina villages, get to know the pukarás of Turi and Lasana, as well as their generous stone works that give us petroglyphs of more than 5.000 years old, to finish with a visit to the village of Chiu-Chiu and its mythical Inka Coya lagoon.

Value per person

CLP 130.000

It Includes

Pick up and drop off at the hotel. Breakfast, lunch in a natural habitat and snack.

Not include

Ticket to parks CLP 18.000 (Tatio and Lasana) Tickets must be purchased in advance.


6:30 a 20:30 hrs.

Minimum value

Because the excursion is private and therefore exclusive for each group, in order to carry out the itinerary, a minimum total value of CLP 300.000 must be considered. Except the entrance fees to the parks, all the values are without taxes, including the Value per person.


The journey of approximately 330 kms. it passes through heights higher than 4.500 meters above sea level and with great thermal oscillation, so at least 4 layers of clothing are suggested. Bring a swimsuit, towel, shawls or Hawaiians, sunscreen, lip moisturizer, sunglasses, hat and water; It also helps to have coca leaves on hand in the event of altitude sickness. Due to the height to which it is exposed, it is recommended to do this tour after having been at least 2 days in San Pedro de Atacama.

Policy of postponement and cancellation of reservations

Our bookings materialize well in advance, which normally causes our schedule to fill up in advance and no longer admit the entry of new ones. For this reason, bookings may be postponed at no additional cost if the postponement is made at least 60 days before the start of the program. In this case, the payment made as confirmation will remain intact for the next date. Bookings that wish to be canceled will have a 100% refund of the payment as long as their cancellation is made at least 90 days in advance; If the cancellation is made between 90 and 60 days, the refund will be 50%. After that period there will be no right to refund.