“Tastur” in the Kunza language means Being

Being in a place of such overwhelming beauty as the Atacama desert, with its ancestral villages, parsimonious salt flats and sacred volcanoes, not only implies observing the formidable landscape and knowing its ecology and history, but also vividly experiencing this being in front of a robust dimension of life where it seems to be scarce, to enjoy the moment of being in the unique and unrepeatable moment in which one is immersed in this space where everything is magical, from the extraordinary geological conformations, the exclusive climate that gives us the purest skies of the world, as well as the indelible archaeological and anthropological mark that thousands of years ago beings like us left through a treacherous and apparently silent testimony, so that today we treat ourselves in this being, with us, in the immense landscape and in the insoluble history of his people. Read more

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