Excursion description

This trip not only allows us to know the surprising colors of the hills that adorn the Chuschul ravine, custodians of Matancilla village and close to the Río Grande village, but also brings us closer to the formidable petroglyphs left over 3.000 years ago by the ancients inhabitants of the Yerbas Buena sector.

This fascinating tour immerses the traveler in a world that seems like stories, entering a scene where the protagonists are the hills of the Chuschul ravine whose astonishing difference in colors gives the impression of observing a rainbow on earth, which is due to a geological formation that offers the outcrop of minerals, salts and clay that, together with the patient but penetrating action of the wind that occurred over millions of years, result in a staging that awakens all the senses.

But this trip not only invites to be in the here and now of the beauty of the place, but also places the visitor in the very footprint of an ancient and intense human activity, which is evident in the abundant petroglyphs located in Yerbas Buenas, site of great anthropological value as it is a privileged witness to the innumerable caravan transit of different cultures, from the high puna to the Pacific Ocean, for thousands of years. The tour also allows us to appreciate the charming village of Santiago de Río Grande, one of the most beautiful in the area, and its particular relationship with the river that bears its name, thanks to which they mainly grow corn, alfalfa, potatoes, garlic, onion and quinoa.

Value per person

CLP 60.000

It Includes

Pick up and drop off at the hotel, and snack.

Not include

Ticket to parks CLP 10.000 (Rainbow + Yerbas Buenas)


9:00 to 13:30 or 15:30 to 20:30 hrs.

Minimum value

Because the excursion is private and therefore exclusive for each group, in order to carry out the itinerary, a minimum total value of CLP 150.000 must be considered. Except the entrance fees to the parks, all the values are without taxes, including the Value per person.


Bring comfortable shoes, sunscreen, lip moisturizer, sunglasses, hat, and water.

Policy of postponement and cancellation of reservations

Our bookings materialize well in advance, which normally causes our schedule to fill up in advance and no longer admit the entry of new ones. For this reason, bookings may be postponed at no additional cost if the postponement is made at least 60 days before the start of the program. In this case, the payment made as confirmation will remain intact for the next date. Bookings that wish to be canceled will have a 100% refund of the payment as long as their cancellation is made at least 90 days in advance; If the cancellation is made between 90 and 60 days, the refund will be 50%. After that period there will be no right to refund.